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Fire Fighter Cancer Study

In partnership with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), researchers at Saint Louis University are conducting a study to learn the steps that firefighters take to reduce their risk of developing cancer. Because firefighters are at greater risk of cancer than the general U.S. population, the IAFF has issued practice guidelines about ways that firefighters can reduce their long-term cancer risk. While guidelines exist, we do not know what firefighters actually do. We are asking you and other firefighters in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area to participate in a research study by completing a survey about the steps that you and other firefighters actually take to reduce cancer risk. We estimate that completing the survey will require about 15 minutes. Please understand that we are interested in actual practices, rather than your understanding of the guidelines. For this reason, the survey includes no personal identifiers. Therefore, your participation will be anonymous—your responses cannot be linked to you. You can access the internet site on which the survey is posted by clicking on the hotlink below. After reading a brief statement regarding your consent to participate, simply click the button that reflects your decision on whether you are willing to participate (yes or no). If you indicate “yes,” the website will take you to the study materials. If you indicate “no,” the site will close. You may receive several invitations to complete the survey as emails may be sent by both your IAFF local and by an affiliated fire agency. If you do receive several invitations and are interested in participating, please complete the survey only once. We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration of this project. Raymond Tait, PhDBrent Coleman, B.A. Saint Louis University Cancer CenterCaptain, Monarch Fire District Link to Firefighter Survey:

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