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MSCFF License Plate Application

MISSOURI PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER PLATES The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters’ (MSCFF) MISSOURI PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER Plates will give our members the opportunity to proudly display their profession while at the same time contributing to the MSCFF’s Community Assistance and Action Fund. In almost every scenario, this will be a deductible tax expense as well (please see your tax professional). However, we need your assistance. We need our members to sign up for the plates. To more effectively continue our fight in Jefferson City and beyond, we must have at least 200 vehicle owners to sign up for these plates so the State of Missouri can start producing "our plates" ASAP (we are currently at approximately 123 signees). There is (as with all vanity plates) a charge to obtain these plates, which is $25.00. However, I am pleased to tell you that these funds will go directly to the MSCFF Community Service and Action fund to assist in our never-ending endeavor to make the State of Missouri a better place to work and live. These plates will give you the opportunity to proudly speak to your profession while at the same time helping fund some of our most critical endeavors. Please join me and your fellow Professional Public Safety Officers across the state of Missouri by signing up for the PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER plates by sending a check or money order made out to the MSCFF CAA Fund and send to Sherwood Smith 6320 Manchester Ave Suite 42 Kansas City, MO. 64133 Here are some Q’s and A’s about the PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER PLATES 1. What are the cost of the plates? The plates will cost $25.00 per plate per year 2. How many plates can I purchase? You can purchase as many plates as you have vehicles 3. Can I still pay for two year tags? Yes, you can 4. Can I purchase PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER tags for my motorcycle? Yes, you can 5. What if my current plates are about to expire? Continue to purchase your plates as you would normally. When the PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER plates are in production you will be notified that it’s time to switch over 6. Who are eligible to purchase the PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTER PLATES? Any past or present, retired or active firefighter, EMS worker, dispatcher, inspector, Prosecuting Attorney, or Public Safety Officer 7. Does this include volunteers? Yes. It does 8. When can I expect to have the plates for my truck or car? We are shooting for a date in August 2017, but as soon as we reach the 200 threshold production will begin 9. Are the plates personalized? Yes, they are. The DOR will ask that you give them a list of letters/numbers, up to six characters, to customize you plates. They will be issued on a first come first serve basis. 10. What if I already have custom plates? You will have the first choice to keep the same characters you currently have 11. How do I sign up for the Missouri Professional Firefighter Plates? Make a check out to the MSCFF CAA Fund and send to Sherwood Smith 6320 Manchester Ave Suite 42 Kansas City, MO 64133

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